We invest heavily in our relationship with you


The outcomes conversation

Our very first conversation with you is an open and honest exploration of the outcomes we help our very best clients achieve. If these outcomes are important to you, you will walk away from our very first conversation with a tremendous amount of value. You will learn what we are doing to help our clients achieve these essential outcomes and how we measure their performance in doing so.

If you wish to go further, we will then invest a good deal of time and effort in discovering if there is a good fit between your company and ours. At the conclusion of our discovery process, we will give you a detailed Leveraging Everything™ Blueprint. The blueprint is yours to keep, regardless of your decision to work with us or not. It will contain a complete analysis of your current situation, a clear and concise description of your goals, and a plan and path for achieving those goals. It will also explain how we will bring our expertise, capabilities, tools and strategic resources to bear should you decide to work with us.

If having an outcomes conversation with a KBI advisor is something you would like to explore, contact us now.

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Insurance Services

KBI's attention to the finest details paired with the highest level of customer service excellence truly sets KBI apart from any other benefits brokerage. 

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Additional Services

Let our experts mitigate your risks and provide you with the resources to achieve success within your organization.

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About us

We are proactive in delivering resources and solutions to issues and remain heavily involved with the everyday operations of your plans, from coverage issues, to software solutions to improve efficiency, we’re by your side every step of the way.